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Super Jerome

[Update] Underwater Mission for Chernarus

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I made some modifications to the underwater stash mission created by @eraser1 for Tanoa. To be clear this is his mission I merely changed some positioning so that it functions on Chernarus.  This mission requires DMS.  You will need a crate loading script like R3F or Igiload to get the crate.


Step 1: Place the underwater_stash.sqf inside of your a3_dms\missions\static folder.

Step 2: Open your config.sqf and add the line ["underwater_stash",1] inside of the DMS_StaticMissionTypes block

Step 3: With the config.sqf still open add the line "underwater_stash" inside of the DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart block

Step 4: Ensure you have static missions enabled.

Don't forget to add commas if needed.  If you are confused about punctuations look at the Server Owner Guide.   I modified the loot tables for some worthwhile loot.  


Other Links:

Defents Mission System

R3F Logistics

Server Owner Guide

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Hey man , i am looking for underwater missions for altis , i have checked around on forms but no luck can this mission work on altis with some config needed?

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Any mission can be modified to any map.  Just adjust all the coordinates in the map file. You need to adjust the location of the divers, the stash, the position etc.

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