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Stealing Respect on Restart


We bought a UH on Exile Namalsk and we get 2 kills with it :) and i was happy after kills i had 12000 Rep, that was 15 min before restart, when i joined after restart i get only 400 Rep, so we tried to bring it back acctualy after another kil i get about +400, screen say i get +, but true is i get -200 Rep so for now players that lost his rep:

Mihal190 (Me) 12000~  to 400

Kadero 8000~ to 400

Brent lost about 10K 


What are going to do do admins? can we get our stuff back?

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Hello Mihal190,

This is not your server's website.  You need to contact them (admins of that server).

This website supports Exile, not Exile servers.



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