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when play exile screen freeze


When does it crash for you?

when I launch the game, arma 3 and exile

What was the last thing you have seen before it crashed?
nothing, this is new PC that i build just to play arma

Does it crash every time or just sometimes?
most of the time

Which Arma version and branch (Stable, Dev, RC/Sneak Peak) are you running?
I don't understand the question well, i run normal arma 3, also exile 

Which Arma DLCs do you own? Karts? Marksmen? APEX? Helicopters? Zeus?
all of them

Which operating system are you using?
win 7

Are you using a custom memory allocator? (-malloc start-up parameter)

Please let off some steam here

If possible, please show us your .rpt file, e.g. via Pastebin

If possible, upload the last "Minidump" (.bidmp and .mdmp files) here. You can find them next to the .rpt

processor intel 15-4460 CPU 3.2GHz ram 8GB VIDEO cardGTX 750 TI 

PS THIS is not arma or exile problem, im noob and new to PC building and i don't have much money to get a good parts, just want to ask here if anyone know where wrong so i only replace that parts to save $ and have fun.


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