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need help setting up my server / BE Filters

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Hey im not sure if you mind but this is not exile but you guys are very knowledge able on here so thats why i posted.

So i watched like 6 youtube videos and read the readme and i cant see to get this to work on my altis life server in my rpt it says passnot set but i looked and its the exact same so i dont know why it wont work


http://pastebin.com/yh8ZskNM  rpt

passwordAdmin = "Snapple12";        // Password to become server admin. When you're in Arma MP and connected to the server, type '#login xyz'
//serverCommandPassword = "Snapple12!";             // Password required by alternate syntax of [[serverCommand]] server-side scripting.   what my passes are

Also my gameserver is armahosts

let me know if you need anything else cause this is so frustrating. Thanks in advance!!

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