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Script Restrictions

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So my server was all set up, right? I'm in game testing out the abilities of infiSTAR when bam. I'm hit with "Battleye script restriction #0" so I try to get back in when boom. "Battleye script restriction #14" What do I do?

#14 "ormal'] execVM "\ryanzombies\acedamage.sqf"} else {_target setdamage (damage _target + Ryanzombiesdamageplayer)};

#0 "Group);

_grpOriginalWP = createGroup Civilian;
"C_man_1" createUnit [(position leader _stalkerGroup),_grpOriginalWP];


EDIT: I was just hit with another one after doing what I thought would fix it! "Battleye script restriction #46"

#46 "restart.paa' color='%10'/>%18:%19</t>",

count playableUnits,

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