Death when crashing / running up hills

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So, with the default settings, people have just been getting slaughtered by bushes when driving vehicles.. Does anyone know how to reduce player damage taken when driving a vehicle??

I googled a bit, found something like this:

this addeventhandler ["handledamage",{ player setdamage ((damage player) /1.015)}];

but I know it needs to only work if player is in vehicle.

Don't know the correct formatting but maybe something like:


while {true} do
	if(alive player and IN_VEHICLE) then 
		if(damage player < 0.7) then
			player setDamage ((damage player) - 0.02);
hint format ["Debug: Health: %1",damage player];
			sleep 5;

Or another way would be to call


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Unfortunately this is just an arma bug. Try driving fast into the really long grass on Tanoa; you'll probably die. But drive slowly into it and you can then drive through it at full speed. lol

#justarmathings ;)

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