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Hey guys. I've made a few posts trying to get some help fixing this. People have helped and I really appreciate the help they've provided but nothing is working. I keep getting kicked from my own server for Battleye Script Restriction #14 that looks like this:

 "ormal'] execVM "ryanzombies\acedamage.sqf"} else {_target setdamage (damage _target + Ryanzombiesdamageplayer)};
if (!(alive _t"

I've tried the BattlEye Filters Tool to fix that, I've tried to filter it myself, nothing is working. I even went through my script.log and combed through all of my #14 restrictions to filter them. I added them to line 16 in my script.txt file to create the exceptions so it would stop. But nothing works. I'm going to link my server.cfg, script.log, and script.txt for anyone who wishes to see what I'm doing wrong and help me fix it. I don't know what to do anymore and this is all I've got. Here's the link:

(currently in the process of trying one last thing I can think of, will update if it works or not)

EDIT: It didn't really work.. I don't think. I'm still being kicked but now for Script Restriction #10. Time to rinse and repeat

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