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SetVariable Value Restriction #0


Hey all, my server was working and everything was going well. Again, I tried out infiSTAR to see what it could do because I want to learn its features. I open up the Arsenal to check it out and I get kicked for SetVariable Value Restriction #0. My .log and .txt files look like this:

Value Restriction #0 "bis_fnc_setunitinsignia_class" = "" 2:1587 Exile_Unit_Player

7 "" !="true" !="false" !="[0-9]{1,2}" !=".{0,25} [0-9]*.[0-9]* Exile_Unit_Player" !="111thID" !="BI" !="ExileBrunswik" !="CTRG" !="CTRG14" !="CTRG15" !="Exile" !="GryffinRegiment" !="MANW" !="TFAegis" !="Curator"

What should I do to fix this?

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 !""bis_fnc_setunitinsignia_class" ="

Paste all of above to the end of your first line in the value filter so it looks like this:

7 "" !="true" !="false" !="[0-9]{1,2}" !=".{0,25} [0-9]*.[0-9]* Exile_Unit_Player" !="111thID" !="BI" !="ExileBrunswik" !="CTRG" !="CTRG14" !="CTRG15" !="Exile" !="GryffinRegiment" !="MANW" !="TFAegis" !="Curator" !""bis_fnc_setunitinsignia_class" ="

Should sort you out. Good luck :)

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