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Hi Guys,

Hoping you can help me with my restart script. It works fine apart from one problem, it does not kill the previous instance of arma. So after 12 hours I have 4 instances of arma running at the same time and my fps on the server is suffering badly as a result. How do I/what code do I need to add to make my restart script kill arma forcefully at restart before starting it up again?

My restart script is below.

@echo off

set gameserver=Arma Exile

title %The Fluffy Basement% Auto Restart / Process Checker


REM How long until auto restart?
set hours="3"
set minutes="0"
set seconds="0"

REM // Launch parameters
start "Exile" /high "arma3server.exe" -mod=@Arma_Enhanced_Movement;@AdvancedTowing;@AdvancedSlingLoading;@ASDG_JR;@JSRS4APEX;@RHSAFRF;@RHSGREF;@RHSUSAF;@NATO_Rus_Vehicle;@NATO_Rus_Weapons;@exile; -servermod=@exileserver; -config=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit -enableHT

REM //////// You do not need to update anything else below this line ////////

REM Pull, display and create some time functions
for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).AddHours(%hours%).AddMinutes(%minutes%).AddSeconds(%seconds%).ToString('yyyyMMddHHmmss')"') do set endtime=%%G
for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).ToString('HH:mm:ss')"') do set nowtimeclean=%%G
for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).AddHours(%hours%).AddMinutes(%minutes%).AddSeconds(%seconds%).ToString('HH:mm:ss')"') do set endtimeclean=%%G

echo %time% - %gameserver% Server started at %nowtimeclean% and will restart at %endtimeclean%


for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).ToString('yyyyMMddHHmmss')"') do set nowtime=%%G

REM ////////// TIMER CHECK ///////////
if "%nowtime%" gtr "%endtime%" (
echo %time% - It is time to restart %gameserver%!
goto restartarma
REM ////////// END TIMER CHECK ///////////

REM ////////// PROCESS CHECK ///////////
tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq arma3server.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "arma3server.exe">NUL
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" (
echo %time% - The process is not running, restart %gameserver%!
goto restartarma
REM ////////// END PROCESS CHECK ///////////

REM restart not needed. Check again in 3 seconds.
goto checkarma

REM Either the server crashed or it is time for a restart. Kill the process and go to start.
START taskkill /f /im arma3server.exe 2>nul
goto start

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This is what I have for when it is supposed to kill the task and restart the server

echo The server is restarting...
timeout 1 >nul
taskkill /F /IM arma3server.exe >nul
timeout 5 >nul
goto start

Not entirely familiar with batch files but from what I can see you could probably remove that 2 from the 2>nul part and you can also remove the /t and /nobreak from timeout as to be honest they aren't really needed

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13 hours ago, Johnny82 said:

@Surge132 thanks for the input. I will give it a go. Do you ever have issues with the tasking comman's not actually killing the server like what Im explaining? 

I haven't had any experience with that thus far. To me that just sounds like an issue with your batch file not getting to the task where it says to kill it. I usually like to try and place and echo saying that it's gotten to a part to debug or trying to use the batch version of the if/else statements.

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I changed the taskill to caps, /F /I'M and removed the 5 timrout and hasn't happened since so your advice seems to have worked! Thanks pal


Edited by Johnny82

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