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sorry for the noob questions. and I'm sure that the answer is out there, but  I  m stuck in a loop of information and am not getti ng any closer. 


1) sell crate to recycler 

 I  my just not know what to look for but i I  s looking in DMS and R3F and cant seem to locate it. i can sell cars but not crates. 


2) can not pickup and load most crates/supply boxes. 

question one seems like it would be connected to my other question witch is where do  I  configure what  I  can pickup.?

 towing works, lifting but not on big crates. 

 I  an not lift any of the large crates to load them into vehicles. 

looking through the R3F  I  can see that there are options of what to lift (i think) but I'm lost. 

 I  ant seem to find the crate class name either. i was going to just going to change all the crates to stuff  I  n lift but  I  cant even do that. :S

can someone help or point me in the right direction. 


ive only had arma for 2 weeks and decided to get a server. most things seem to be working just needs to be tweeked and ironed out. 



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4 hours ago, [FYCA] BillytheDog said:

Has anyone still got this script?


I originally used the info contained in this thread. It still works for me.


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