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Brothers of Tyr [BROTY] are recruiting. 

Brothers of Tyr (BROTY/BTYR) is a Teamwork, and Tactical Oriented group of mature players who like to play games in a much more intense, and tight knit group. It's imperative that members wishing to join understand that this means higher than normal expectations on you as a player. You are expected to participate in the games we play, on Teamspeak, and on the website, and are expected to do your hardest to group up and play with fellow Brothers.


We generally like to cut loose when not on operations but when its time to perform the tone will change and this will halt until the end of the operation, we have no use for those who display an inability to follow orders or lone wolves.


If you are interested you may apply on our website located here: http://brothersoftyr.enjin.com/recruitment

or you may come find us on our teamspeak: ts.brotycorp.com

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