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Used all the info posted to build an implement objects in altis with m3eden editor. Placed and arranged exactly how they were supposed to in GSP server but problem is that is the objects are over water I think.  Items spawned in or dropped from inventory just act very odd or as if the ground isn't there. Also having trouble finding info on adding additions to the viewable map.  I teleport to the area and get put under water. I have tried searching the forums without finding this info  


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3 hours ago, Crazy Mike said:

when u drop an item it doesnt "drop" it just goes into a weapon holder at your characters feet, when you teleport im guessing with infistar it keeps your altitude the same, meaning teleporting 1m off the terrain from land to water puts you 1m off the terrain, being at the bottom, you also dont add individual objects visible to the map thats just not how it works, i could go into detail but i havent built a terrain from scratch yet so i dont know, you can place map markers to signify what is there and players will get the idea

Thanks for the reply crazy Mike.  I used pierblocks as objects on the water and created them as simple objects. Can I return to editor and make the pierblocks into dynamic or  simulated to help with item drop issues? Also yes I see what you mean w/ infistar. Still looking to try to add objects into world map to keep map looking nice. Come check us out sometime see what you think. A3L Massiveload server. I created a bridge 2k south of pyrgos. 

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