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Restart Timer

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Could anybody post thier settings for the restart timer and messages please?

I keep trying diffetent ways but we get a 2 minute warning every hour, it doesnt close the server down just that one message. I have tried a 240 timer and also tried the other option eg 4.00, 8.00, 12.00 etc

Also I dont seem to have the weather lord option on the admin menu anymore, it is set to have it on the UID section on the config

Thanks Razor

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/* show time left to next restart */

/* if USE_RESTART_TIMES_ARRAY = "true"; -> {hour,minute} .. put in the times when your server restarts (server real world time) */

/* if USE_RESTART_TIMES_ARRAY = "false"; -> restart time in minutes (default: 180min == 3 hours) */
TIME_FUNCTION_USED = "diag_tickTime";    // diag_tickTime (starts with arma3server.exe), time (starts with mpmission init)
SHOW_RESTART_TIMER = "true"; // shows a restart timer on "escape menu" and "gear menu"

/* show restart announcement message x min before restart -> SERVER RESTART IN: X MINS  |  (calculated from RESTART_TIMES[])*/
RESTART_ANNOUNCE_X_MIN[] = {1,2,3,5,10,15,30,60};

/* SERVER_END_FUNCTION -> #shutdown or #restartserver */
SERVER_END_FUNCTION = "#restartserver";
RESTART_WARNING_SOUND = "Alarm";    // for example: Alarm or air_raid

Thats the setup i use, Its perfect as infistar restarts the server after 3 hours, with plenty of warning before restarts, Using this you dont need any RCON or anything.

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