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Static Mission Objects fail placement

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i have the following problem.

i placed some objects for the Lijnhaven Occupation Mission.


At the beginng the Objects are placed normaly now they are sunk in the ground about one meter.  


The Object file of the DMS Mission looks like this, but with more objects, this amount is only for example:



private ["_objs"];
_objs = [


    private ["_obj"];
    _obj = createVehicle [_x select 0, [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
    if (_x select 4) then {
        _obj setDir (_x select 2);
        _obj setPos (_x select 1);
    } else {
        _obj setPosATL (_x select 1);
        _obj setVectorDirAndUp (_x select 3);
} foreach _objs;




All Mission Objects are placed with Serverstart!

Did i forgot anything?

At the begining (1 week) all was placed correctly, but since 1 1/2 weeks this misplacment happens.

If any other script parts needet i can poste them.


Can anyone help me with this problem?




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