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Hi everyone !

I'm developing with friends an Exile post-apo server (without Z) and then i would like to get the same trader system as Epoch mod Arma 3 !!

I explain what i get in my mind : in Epoch arma 3 we can't buy all items because the trader sell just what he bought before from player and the trader never get a lot of money to buy... For me is the real way to trade in a post-apo game and then i would like to do the same for my server ! I really want to make the server hard as possible because i'm fed up to see players full of everythings after 3 or 4 weeks of game... 

Do you think it's possible to do the same in Exile could we do the same kind of trading or is it impossible ??

I know a lot of people import Epoch scripts but i don't know if is it possible with this one or if is it possible to adapt or creat a script like that for Exile...

thx for your answers and ideas guys.

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