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My server is being bugged


So i just started a new server. however i have some issues and stuff to ask

1. Sell items and car will not work. Sell Cars will not give money nor respect points.

2. Loot dont spawn fast enough and when it does loot will disappear fast as well. also the loot items isnt that great on the server. how do i change that?

3. Towing will not work the towing system i put in there worked at first. didnt do anything diff. but it stopped working. 

4. Button Glitch, When we go to sell and buy things plus waste dumps as well. we are able to for like 5 mins. but then the button stops working for players. and some players is ok to buy and sell stuff still. so it happends to random players and random times. 

also when selling cars it will work the first 4 to 5 mins in game. i can sell car for $3000 with 245 respect points, not real numbers but just an example. anyways. but then it will stop. sometimes shows how much car is but wont let us sell them. or if i go sell a car it wont show no money and no respect. and stops working. 

5. Loot creates at missions. How to change the small loot box to the big one? also what mod is it to load full create in cars?

6. L11 sniper rifle is not in game. how do i add that weapon to my server? with the clips as well? 


Note: it be better to talk to anyone willing to help on teamspeak. i do have a ts server. so if ur up to talking HMU. i can explain things alot better on ts then i can in text. i also like for someone to come in my arma 3 server with me play some and see what i am talking about. im new to coding and making arma server. i have searched google and watched youtube. but nothing is close to what i am asking for. or seeing my issues. please help me out. be great thanks. I am hoping to have the server up and running within 2 weeks from now. Thank you. 


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None of that happens with a vanilla install of Exile. I recommend you start over with a vanilla install, testing the server after you add each mod or script, and always make copies of your files before updating.

Once you've done that, if you encounter an error, it's best to post your server RPT in a Pastebin link so it can be read easily.

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