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Ryan Zombies Script restriction #19 BE Filter didnt FIx

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Hey so today i have installed Ryan zombies and ExileZ spawner onto my exile development server and im getting Script Restriction #19 when i get inside the Zombie trigger zones

#19 "azinesmaxSoldier - ryanzombiesmagazinesminSoldier))));
_l addmagazinecargoglobal [_magazine,_magazineAmount];
if ((random 100"

i attempted to fix this by adding this to line #21 in my Scripts.txt file 

!="azinesmaxSoldier - ryanzombiesmagazinesminSoldier))));_l addmagazinecargoglobal [_magazine,_magazineAmount];};if ((random 100"

Below  is the entire line #21

7 addMagazine !="zine\":\n{\nif (_bulletCount isEqualTo -1) then\n{\n_container addMagazineCargoGlobal [_itemClassName, 1];\n_added = true;\n}\nelse \n{\n_" !=" call ExileClient_util_containerCargo_clear;\n{\n_container addMagazineAmmoCargo [_x select 0, 1, _x select 1];\n}\nforEach (_data s" !="hisRound = _ammoToRefund min _ammoPerMagazine;\n_container addMagazine [_magazineClassName, _ammoToRefundThisRound];\n_ammoToRefun" !="gazines;\n};\n_newMagazines pushBack _toMagazine;\n{\n_object addMagazine _x; \n}\nforEach _newMagazines;\ntrue" !="azinesmaxSoldier - ryanzombiesmagazinesminSoldier))));_l addmagazinecargoglobal [_magazine,_magazineAmount];};if ((random 100"


This didn't fix my issue and i get the same script restriction #19 everytime, this is the 6th inline of many script restriction's from Ryan Zombies but this is the only one that has not been fixed by simply adding it to the BE Filter

if anyone can help would be much appreciated Thanks in advance  


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