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Server Console Issues

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Hi All,

I am trying to setup my server on a new dedicated box, the problem I am having is I can not get DART to work with the new server.

I have copied everything exactly from my old server which does work with DART and made the proper changes for my IP address and data base while keeping the same Port number. at any rate when I run the server I can not connect to it with Dart or any Console tool. I have done this on 3 separate servers now with the same results. I have also gone so far as to create a server completely from scratch. at first I thought I had an issue with the firewall, but after checking this with several tools I have ruled out the firewall as the issue.

Has anyone had this much of a problem? I have even tried MBCON which wont work either.

I have checked and rechecked everything multiple times now and still can not get it to work, and yes I can login to my game from the internet so that part is working.

I would really love to get the console working so I can monitor the game and help people as needed.

my Battleye server appears to be running with my game so I am at a total loss here..

Oh and yes I did increase my port number for the console by 4 from 2357 (game port) to 2361(console port)

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