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Whitelisted server

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Hi, I'm going to make an arma 3 whitelisted server, and I'm looking for a way to setup whitelist. 

I saw something in my extdb, that was about that topic, but I couldn't understand it, if you know how to setup whitelist through extdb, or in another way, I would be very grateful 



;; Whitelisting / Reserve Slots
;;        This will only work if your mission / mod has started extDB2 Rcon. i.e 9:START_RCON:RCON
Whitelist Enable = false
Whitelist Kick Message = Only Reserved Slots Left

Whitelist Public Slots = 999

;; Database settings to use (Optional)
Whitelist Database = MySQL_Example
Whitelist SQL Prepared Statement = SELECT CASE WHEN EXISTS(SELECT UID FROM PlayerInfo WHERE BattlEyeGUID=? AND Whitelisted=1) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END
Whitelist Kick on SQL Query Failed = false

;; Hardcoded BEGuids for whitelisted players
;Whitelist BEGuids = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx : yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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