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Hi, im Kris.

Making a group of players to play Excile but not only. I play almost only ARMA 3 all of the mods.

It's lonely running around alone.

Aim of the group:

Have fun, be silly when it's appropriate, and be dead serious when it is needed. No bullshit when it's not needed, and excellent radio discipline when needed. 

I want this not to be to official and stuff, just here to have fun right, if you want leave something like this.

I'm Kris, around 30. from Latvia, I can English, yes sound a bit like Borat.

I got like 3000 hours of ARMA 3, not a noob but can act like one sometimes. I like to play tactically (i play TacBF ) but most of the time I end up running towards the enemy like when i was defending Stalingrad.

I heard this discord thing is good, i'm like new to IT, used to TS3. So as i understand just press this link and you are in. https://discord.gg/7dCnu3p type something in chat and see if anyone else is playing something.

This suppose to be kind of a chill post.


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