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Occupation (DMS) and AI not using launchers



I've setup my Occupation AI to spawn with launchers (vanilla and CUP). When I arrive at a town with AI carrying launchers, I would expect them to attack me. I've tested both with Qilin and Humvee (don't remember the exact Arma name) with a result where the AI will start to shoot me with their guns but not with the launchers. So, they empty their clips from both main weapon and side arm on my car. Once they run out of ammo, they just run around carrying the launcher (and the proper ammo) on their back. 

Is there any way to force the AI to actually use the launcher?

Code question: Has anyone noticed any difference in having the behaviour set to AWARE or COMBAT?

It's a known issue that AI won't engage 'tank like' vehicles if they don't have proper weapons. In my case the AI have launchers but they still do nothing. 


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