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Glitches Tonight 1/19/17-1/20/17


Tonight playing with the team...  We noticed what we would think were glitches.   Not sure if its part of the game or not, didn't seem normal.  


 We placed a Base Flag down, it went sideways... Killed me and my partner, then we came back to it and came close enough for the prompt to steal our own flag to try and re-position it, and it had killed us again...  After that we just built around it, then after server restart it went back up normal...??

Another one we experienced tonight was,

My team was in a Heli dropping in on a enemy base... the BIG BASE on the hill.    We ran down the stairs of this base, it killed all 3 of us on the stairs....  Thank god we had a Pilot to pick us up.... 


We sat our Heli down to pick up another one we came across, when we got back into "our" Heli it blew up as we were lifting off?  Totally Random, just blew up...   It wasn't pilot error either, we were in the open. nothing around us...  

Is this normal???  Surely was a GIANT waist of time and resources....    Sorry for any grammar error.. been on since 8pm... It is now 2:51 AM.... 

Gamer name,


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4 minutes ago, ρнαитσмγ2κ said:

We placed a Base Flag down it went sideways

I have heard of this happening from time to time - it's an ARMA glitch if I understand correctly........  and yes, server restarts typically resolve it.

5 minutes ago, ρнαитσмγ2κ said:

We ran down the stairs of this base, it killed all 3 of us on the stairs....

Yup, once again - ARMA. Must have had this happen 1000 times myself, not only in bases but also in map buildings with stairs or even just floors and walls :)

6 minutes ago, ρнαитσмγ2κ said:

it blew up as we were lifting off

I've had this happen on my own server from time to time, more common with CUP heli's in my experience and I had to remove some from the server because they were so prone to it. I've also seen it in vanilla ARMA videos with ARMA 3 heli's so I know it can happen to them too from time to time.

So, there we have it - mostly common ARMA bugs in my experience. Please bear in mind that we aren't aware of the server you are speaking about and this isn't the forum for that server community, it's the Exile mod itself. So, although the people here can comment on general Exile or ARMA issues, we can't comment about the specific server you play on. I'd suggest you find out what their website is and mention it to the admins there if you believe it's warranted.

The admins may also need a little more info like the type of heli that you had issues with, if it had any damage when you took off, where you took off from etc. depending on what administrative tools they have available to them this sort of info may be of help but they'll likely say the same thing - bloody ARMA.

Good luck!

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