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52 minutes ago, GolovaRaoul said:

Yes. The server needs to know which map you're playing on... xD

And how do i configure that one? =D

Just name it @CUP_Terrains_Complete

Load it with the same name

and as step 3 put the map name into the misson file?

And musst there some more files than the map name?


Thanks a lot for your time and my nooby questions =P

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forgott something

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Yes, you are good on track.

Here's a mission file which is free to use or use as an example (not made by me)

And yes, rename the folder and put it in the root directory of the Exile Server. 
Take the keys out of the mod folder (just look for a map "Keys" in the mod folder), and place the keys inside there in the "Keys" folder which you can find in root directory of Exile Server
And then edit the launch parameters for your Exile server so it loads up the mod

Sorry for bad english :P

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First, don't use CUP_Terrains_Complete use the separate addons CUP_Terrains_Core and CUP_Terrains_Maps. Reason for this is the complete version has not been added to A3Launcher so no one will see your server on A3Launcher. Second, check my guide out for mod installations. Third, are you using a hosted server the company may have an mod installation automatically so you don't have to do the long upload.

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