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Exile Altis + few more mods server setup + admin

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Hi everybody,

Currently i'm in the process of setting up a Arma 3 Linux Ubuntu 16.04 server with exile, and a few other mods that are gonna be added.

Because i'm new to setting up A3 modded servers i was hoping that there is somebody who wants to help me out a bit and learn me a few things in the process about mod customization. 
Because its my first time setup i also want to make a new ( Bit more detailed ) tutorial on howto setup and configure the server from scratch in the process for others.
From scratch-> Install linux-> Prepare software -> Dependencies installed? -> Steam/cmd conf -> Arma server preparations-> Download server and conf-> etc etc etc... 

I mainly wanted to setup a new tutorial because the old one dates back to 2015... and in the piles and piles of information i kinda got lost with everything ^^,  

Any how,
Currently writing out some main configuration ( test it, run it, connect to it. see what happends ) and when exile mod is finished i'm gonna try to install that if the previous step went according to plan.

Oh, ATM i'm in the ts from EXILEMOD.


Hope to see some ppl here soon.




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