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Hello, Here's A Guide To Get Namalsk To Work.

1. Get The Namalsk.pbo Mission File.

2. Make A New Folder On Destop Title-Exile.Namalsk

3. Put Namalsk.pbo Inside That Folder^^

4. Un-pack The PBO, After That Remove The Namalsk.pbo

5. Drag That Folder (Exile.Namalsk) In Your Mission Folder Documents/Arma3otherprofile/missions

6. Start Your Arma 3 With The Mods Needed To Edit The Map -Mods @Exile,@Namalsk  Thats All You Need

7. When You Are In Editor, Click Snenario/Open/Exile Namalsk

8. Move The Playable Exile Units To The Center Of The Map. ( Top Right Corner Where I Found Mine)

9. After You Moved Them You Will See 4 Spawns North,East,South,West They Dont Work Must Make Your Own ( I Used The Ones From Altis Just Change The Cords And Names Of Them Dont Delete The Markers) (Found In The InitPlayerLocal.sqf Copy Paste) Should Look Like This 

_trader = 
    "Exile_Trader_Vehicle",    //Change To What You Need Exile_Trader_XXXX
    "Exile_Trader_Vehicle",   //Same^^
    ["HubStanding_idle1", "HubStanding_idle2", "HubStanding_idle3"],
    [3780.82,8960.52,0.101166],  //Change The Cord To Where You Need It 
    157.522    //Radius

10. After You Did That Save It.

11. Go Into Your Mission Folder ( Right Click The Exile.Namalsk Folder, Pack It Into A PBO)

12. Then Put That PBO into Your MpMissions Folder.

13. When You Try To Connect You Should Load In A See The Ground, When That Happens Go To Your BattlEye Folder.

14. In Your BattlEye Folder There Will Be A SetVariable.log, Copy The Restriction Should Look Like This (7 "!="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned") Put That In The SetVariableVal.txt Line 3 Right Under (7 !="true" !="false" !="[0-9]{1,2}")

15. After That Reconnect, Should Work

- Ai Missions Work On This Map Just Fine Just Make Sure You Put @a3_dms Under ServerMods  

-RyanZombies Works On This Map But You Need To Change The Radius Of The Triggers 



(dont have to have ryanzombies if you dont want to)

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Exellent work Leonardo 100 points for you :zilmer:

But one question what about the DMS mission mod  " @a3_dms.pbo" file.

Have whe to change something there to on this file.

I put that question for the -->> Exile Tanoa Namalsk multiplayer servers.


:monkey:Kind Regards:monkey:

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No You Do Not Just Add It To Your To Server And It Will Do The Rest But You Can Change Things If You Like


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14 hours ago, SynysterDemon said:

So where are these files? 

In the Exile Server Files download.

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