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[CLOSED] BE Restriction #0

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hello i just set up an arma exile napf server and i tried to join and i get this error and then it kicks me. any help? 


#0 "
BIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_ctrlHeaderRespawnButton ctrlAddEventhandler ["ButtonDown",{        
debuglog format ["[RESPAWN] Main respaw"

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- There is a BE Subforum
- There is no thing as BE Restriction #0 - you completely miss the filter file


- on gtxgaming you need to put the supplied BE Filters into: Arma3Config/BattlEye (I know there are several folders named Battleye on the server but this is the only folder that matters!)

BattlEye Filters are time consuming and have to be changed depending on every small addon/script you do to your server/mission

These guides:

or these programs:

Personally for maximum security, I would add many different things like
7 "draw"
7 "public"
7 "create"
to my scripts.txt - then create the list of exceptions using one of the linked BE Filter programs

can help you solving the issue.
I am not affiliated with Battleye in any way and if the filters provided by me are not working with your modified server / mission - you have to deal with it yourself.

wrong place to ask and bad information given


I assume it is scripts.txt line #0, adding this would fix it:

!="\nBIS_RscRespawnControlsMap_ctrlHeaderRespawnButton ctrlAddEventhandler [\"ButtonDown\",{        \ndebuglog format [\"[RESPAWN] Main respaw"





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