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Need help with setting up server.

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So Ive been trying to get this server up and running for about 3 days now, and had no luck what so ever. I would get the Exile, ExileServer, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, Cup Weapons working. But when i went to add the AdminToolkit it wouldn't allow me to access it via F2, but would announce when you joined that the server was running it. When i tried to edit the loot spawns the server stop working entirely. Would like to know if anyone would be down to set it up properly for some cash. All i would need you to do is set up Exile,ExileServer,CUP_Vehicles, CUP_Units, CUP_Weapons, AdminToolKit, allow the traders to sell and buy the added CUP items. Make sure the Tanoa missions are running properly, and just make the loot spawn better in general. I know its alot but it will really help me out. Its been 1 step forward and 80 steps back the past 3 days. lol I use Host Havoc to  rent the server and they offer the Exile and CUP mods right off the site so i will probably have those set up before i find someone to help me.  If you are down to help give me a add on steam and shoot me a message.

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