Farming Mapped Containers ???

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Hi guys, 

I come to ask your help (again) i removed tones of farmable containers of my Altis map to do my customisation and now i'm feeling lilbit stuck because all the "new" containers i drop on my map aren't farmable...

Then i check with my command "onEachFrame {hintSilent str [typeOf cursorObject, cursorObject]};" what is the difference between one already on the vanilla map and a mapped one and after examination the "vanilla" ones are do not have class name it's like // "", "542548", "cargo20_blue.p3d" // more less and the mapped ones are like // "cargo20_blue_f", "542548", "cargo20_blue.p3d" // more less. I tried to changed them as map object and/or without simulation and/or damage etc... but sadly nothing changed.

If anyone have a solution or it's maybe impossible to make them farmable i don't know.

I have in idea to pass them in initserver but i don't know yet...


Thx for your help guys !!


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