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Bad Vehicle Type error


hello all im hoping someone can help me out with this, i have added RHS, TRYK, NIA, MAS and such to my traders. everything shows up i just cant buy it, i try and i get the bad vehicle error, no kick though and no errors that i can find. 



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hi dudes,

im getting this phenomenon too. i use rhsusaf, rhsafrf, rhsgref,NATO_Rus_Vehicle and tryk .

It seems to me like tryk has many bugged items, so i sorted them out. trader worked fine. than i added the rhs classes and tradercategories. there were some bugged items too, and i sorted them out as well. After a few restarts the "bad vehicle" phenomenon appeared.

i checked my config (classes,tradercategorys), my initplayerlocal(tradertypes) and my startup parameters(launch order) multiple times but i couldnt solve it until now.

i also disabled all mods, commented out the classes and categories ( set config to "fresh")
- now some original exile ammunition and weapons are "bad vehicles"
than i deleted all mods, merged the config with an clean startupconfig
- without success :-( still getting "bad vehicles" on some original exile items in the traders.

cant belive that i have bugged my config .. >:-( .. cant understand why the original exile items got this error now .. 

ill setup a new server / start over again adding mods in this order: exile - tryk - NATO_Rus_Vehicle - rhsusaf - rhsafrf - rhsgref

if ill get this phenomenon again maybe ill find the bug and kill it so i can tell you ..

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