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in the old forum there was a youtube video showin how to edit the map. i tried a lot of descriptions, i copied the mp missions with an unpacked Exile.Altis into my active profile, started up a selfhosted game and clicked "edit" instead of play.
i got into the 2D editor, but if i hit Preview it doesnt work, so i cant get into 3D editing like with M3Editor...

It would be great to put some things into the map and edit it a bit....

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Load A3 with mods  Exile and m3editor

Once in game menu go to edit and launch the map you want to run ... For maps like Cherno or taviana etc you need to run the mod AIATP. 

Place a unit inside the map amd click preview.

Once u are in the place you want to add new stuff scroll and get into m3editor.

Place your stuff and once u done open the menu and save your project and it will save it in a sqf file something like this. 




copy those item indie the main [ ] and put it inside your initserver.sqf inside your mission sqf but bare in mind that you dont have to have "," at the end of the last item . 

you can also add //NAME for you to know which one u added. 


Hope it helped 




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