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Hey I have a propblem with my ocp mod.

There are so many failure and i dont know how to remove them.

Could anyone please thake a look at them.

My RPT log was to big for pastebin so you can find it here:


There are a lot of failoure inside like:

Warning: ds_houses\derevnya\a2_housev_1l2\d_housev_1l2.p3d:1 Error while trying to generate ST for points: 5538, 5555, 5532

Warn: Shape '???' contains water texture however it does not carry a special class name. Consider craeting one to speed up the detection!

 Conflicting addon DShouses in 'ds_houses\derevnya\a2_housev_2t1\', previous definition in 'ds_houses\derevnya\dom_02_pinsk\'


Thank you for your help

Sry for my english my language is german




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