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destructible walls from any explosive


Hello comunity,

i have this problem ... all the walls and floors can be easily destroyed with any explosive  and after restart server restore ...I can not understand where is the problem ...

I know that every wall needs his specific charge ex: woodwall need chargewood.

I use in server Exile REBORN WHIT 2 mod: Extended Base Mod and CDAH mod PAck .

anyone can give me some clue ?

Thanx <3 



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Hello Lucy2990,


If I am not mistaken, the 'required' charges are ONLY for 'Exile' items.  So, if you used an 'Extended Base Mod' wall, you can use a normal charge to blow it up.

For charges like the 'Big Mama', they must be used on Exile items.  These also are not 'real explosions', they are a script.  Not too much different from crafting stuff.

Exile Wood Wall + Exile Wood Charge = Run Exile Explosion Script And Remove Wall


Hope this helps!




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