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Adding mortars


I obviously posted this in the wrong forum the first time, and for that I am sorry.

Hey, I'm trying to teach myself how to add stuff to the traders, and doing other maintenance. The point being that I have to do less of these nøøb posts ;)

First of all: We are running Exile, Enigma and DMS (with some added missions). This might be important information, I don't know.

So, I've depbo'ed the \mpmission\exile.altis.pbo, and edited the config.cpp.
I found the class names for standard ArmA mortars here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_WEST
I added the weapon to the trader section "Light Machine Guns" (figured I'd move it when I got it working).
I also added the ammo for the mortar to the ammunition section of the trader.

This might be my first mistake? Maybe the mortar should be a vehicle?
And if so, how would I move the mortar once bought?

I had hoped that maybe it'd work like the HMG's, but don't see how I can accomplish that.

Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated. 

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Any luck with this problem?  I've tried adding mortars in myself, but the pictures just show up white, and when I buy them, it takes the money but never gives the mortar.  Even if i place it in a vehicle.  They show up on the trader list, but that's about it.   I've added other things to traders with no issues, so I'm not to sure whats wrong.  

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haven't tried it but I believe mortars are treated like vehicles not weapons, have you tried putting it on your vehicle trader?

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