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NIArsenal again


So the last time I posted here it was about the same problem. Only now that RHS has put the downloads on the steam workshop, they work perfectly now. But yet again NIArsenal still doesn't work and now I have a new problem. Ever since CBA updated to version 3.1 or what ever version it's on, Arma now doesn't recognize it. It will do the same thing as NIArsenal when you check what mods the server is running. Everything is green; All the RHS mods are green, all the CUP mods are green but when it comes to CBA and NIArsenal, those are the only two that are marked red. Again if I check the menu for which mods are loaded it shows CBA and NIArsenal but they don't work. In the files of NIArsenal the read me text said to activate it from the menu where you check to see what mods are on. But the only problem is nothing is highlighted to click on anything, so how in the world are am I suppose to activate it. I have all my mods in a folder called mods and I have the launcher reading out of that folder but still the CBA and NIArsenal do not work. 

So CBA is know as CBA_A3 correct? I have the exact mod on when the game launches up, but when I check the server it says CBA version 3.1 or what ever version its on. I also have the the same exact  CBA mod CBA version 3.1.2 or 3.1.1 or what ever, but as soon I as uncheck CBA_A3 and just leave the other CBA mod on, all the other mods like cup and all the NI weapons are not usable because they are dependent  on CBA_A3.

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