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I need help ! pls help me thanks

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The thing is I like ARMA3 this game

So I want to start their own a web server to play with their friends

Now due to not programming, the server has not been opened up

Do not know to have which friend can send me a complete server side

I know that I have stretched forth my hands for not so good, but sincerely help you

My server set up in China, I am very support canonicity

Hope to get help

My English is not very good, can only rely on translation to communicate with you

Please forgive me for everything

I want the server to have EX original AI system (ZCP, DMS) point of the crash


Open the server and a hint Let me very headache, don't know how to solve

【Warning: Current Steam AppId:  doesn't match expected value: 107410】

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2 hours ago, Super Jerome said:

@MelissA^G|rL It is my recommendation that you and your friends find a server you like and play on it. Due to your lack to speak and understand English, I feel it will be hard for you to read any guides or post on the forums.

It doesn't matter I will try to do it well don't want to do things by halves   Thank you

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