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Hello dear developpers,

i'm french so sorry if my english is a bit incorrect. I play arma2 long years during, and now arma3 epoch and exile on fugemonkee server.

I have a suggestion about add civilian population on exile mod i don't talk about fill all town of civilian, but maybe roaming civilian ai which could spawn in city randomly. This could increase interest of invasion missions, with risk of reputation loose or win. That wil restrict weapon use in city invasions and armed vehicules use too. No apach raid or tank shot without civilian death and loose of reputation.

You could too add a system, who count civilian people we bring back to mayor, and give as reward reputation increase. That could make survivor more human and interested by human lifes, and add some living feeling more immersion on servors.

We could too add 1 or 2 civilan hostage on ai missions. With same reputation reward, if we don't kill them but bring them back too mayor.


I think this add could be easy to do , like add just static ai neutral, and a trader for reputation, but his could add big interest to mod :)

Ty for take attention to this.

SGTBUD fugemonkee servor, BMS servor

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