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[ENG] Recruiting For our exile team. *ACTIVE*

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Hello, My name is Psycho, or also known as Octxne. We are recruiting for our crew, our current alias is known as "Taliban Gang". We currently have a base up small but gonna be massive soon Anyway main topic of this is we are recruiting. Requirements are as listed: Must be active as possible, Have full voice comms, Mature, Preferably 16+ and last but not least, gotta be chill and understand that everyone fucks up at some point. Discord required for comms.

I'll tell you a bit about us. Im Psycho leader of Taliban gang, I have 5000+ hours on arma 3, and around 7k on arma 2. I love playing arma 3, its my passion. Literally all i played is arma 3 and league of legends.
Im always active and i enjoy playing with teams. I come from realism teams so i have much background experience as airborne divisions such at piloting and airdropping whatever needed.

Our co-leaders are Striker and Goose. They would love to meet our recruits on discord.

We are all very super active, A bit immature at times but when were needed we are on point and ready to get down and dirty with the enemies, Were all pretty chill and we would love to have you. Reply to this forum or hop on our discord, We only use discord,


*Update* Recruiting 5+ players!


*Update* We play on Cherno Milsim exile. Hop on our discord for more details.

Sincerely, Tyler (Psycho), (Octxne)

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