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Arma 3 Server Signature Mismatch


Hi there Exile community, I'm pretty horrible with where things should go so I apologize in advance if this sort of problem shouldn't be in this section or even forums.

Straight to the problem, I'm hoping to start up my own Chernarus Exile server but am currently having the one problem which is the signature mismatch of all the CUP mods as well as the CBA mod, luckily the Exile mod does appear to work.

 Capture Fix.PNG

I've read up on what signature mismatch could mean and checked the keys of both server mod files as well as my own and they appear to be duplicate to each other so I cannot understand as to why such an error is occurring.

It appears that the keys are somehow incorrect but to the best of my Notepad++ knowledge they are definitely the exact same keys.


Sorry once again seeing as this seems to be a CUP mod error, but I'm unaware of any 'support' avenues for CUP mods and so the next best thing is those who are knowledgeable of Exile servers.


P.S. http://www.exilemod.com/topic/17939-signature-mismatch/ I saw this post and saw it as somewhat similar in a way but have no idea how to go around it serverside.

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