Kill Feed By ChasEE (Having Issues With It)

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I recently found a mod for exile that gives a kill feed with a picture of the killing weapon/vehicle and some info about the players involved and distance etc. I have done everything asked to install it, there are no errors in my rpt for it, nothing in game is affected and the server runs with no glitches related. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone else use this script? I will not link it here because I'm not familiar with the site rules but I will say it is easily findable on google by using ''Exile, Killfeed, ChasEE'', and that it is on Armaholic.


I noticed that one of the pieces needs to go into the initlocalplayer file, I was thinking should it go into the init file instead?

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This is two links to the mod. I do everything said to do but I get no results on my server, no change, no error, nothing at all. Its as if I never put it in the server at all. Almost 99 percent of the time if I add a mod and something isn't right I get an error, but this is particularly odd because I get nothing at all.

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