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GTX Gaming Exile servers are tailored for all types of server owners. For the newer server owner they are fairly simple to get started. When you purchase a GTX server it comes with Exile mod already installed and functioning a owner simply has to customize to his/her liking. I myself am a semi experienced server owner and I choose GTX not for their simplicity, but for the features they offer. Below is a list of features available at no extra cost:

1. G2 Control Panel with "one click" install mods (must request by ticket)

2. Automatic BattlEye exception generator (script.txt)

3. Automatic Pbo Replacer (executed on server restarts)

4. A3Launcher, HLSW, mARMA, and Game Tracker support

Now to the guide. I made a guide previously for other hosting companies using the TCA control panel. Due to GTX custom control panel, I have tailored a new guide using their panel. I think I covered most of the areas needed to get started, but if you want something added please let me know. Also, if you do decide to go with GTX Gaming message @Rui Pedro and he will get you set up with the G2 Control Panel that they offer.

GTX Gaming Server Owner Guide v1.0

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