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Clueless* on how to add @Ryanzombies to Server!

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I recently pre-paid for 6-months of server time with the server hosts (BlackBox).  I am struggling to find topics and information on how to add mods to my server.. I attempted to add the mod @Ryanzombies and I was part-way successful, I'm at the point where it gives me this error whenever I try and join my server "add additional keys that are accepted by the server".

I've completely scraped everything I've done, and I'm starting fresh in order to better understand this whole process. I used this thread to set-up the MOD the first time:

"In the thread above"- There is only parts of information on How to add MODS to a server, I don't understand all the terminology and I need something more explanatory."

Since I lack the knowledge which I'm sure is common on these forums, would the community walk my through this step by step? I have the Mod @Ryanzombies, How do I put this MOD into my online server?

Please feel free to ask any questions, I have to warn you though - I'm a complete newb! but if you can help me, then many more will benefit from this. Thanks ahead of time for any help.


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9 minutes ago, tinboye said:

are you using tcadmin for your control panel to manage your server? or do you have a dedicated box with remote connect?

I believe I'm using control panel,


*here are some pictures to go on

control pannel.jpg

file manager.jpg

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