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Battleye restrictions confusing me


I'm using a exile server from GTXGaming. I installed infistar antihack/admin tools. Most things work no problem, the only issue i have is when i use Virtual Arsenal. If i select anything i get setvariable #0 error. 

"09.02.2017 19:16:13: ge -- - Value Restriction #0 "bis_fnc_setunitinsignia_class" = "" 2:839 Exile_Unit_Player"


and my setVariable.txt:

7 "" !="exilexm8isonline" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" !="ExileCameraInUse" !="isrunning" !="bis_fnc_setunitinsignia_class" !="bis_accesscounter"
7 "ExilePurse"
7 "ExileBank"
7 "ExileMoney"
7 "ExileScore""


The function is already in there, so i don't know what to do.. 

Additionally, i tried to add a simple deploy bike script and had a same issue:

09.02.2017 21:06:41: ge- #0 "do_CreateBike" = [R Whatever:1 (ge) REMOTE,[14463.3,6189.45,0.0823078],314.632]


in publicvariable.txt 


//new !"do_CreateBike"
7 ""


What am i doing wrong? I used infistar battleye filters it provided. 

They are in the SC/battleye folder in GTXGaming. I'm pretty sure that's the right place for them? It's saving the logs there correctly anyway. 



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yes its the right place

add them to the first line :



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