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Adam Kadmon

RHS/CUP Vehicle Textures in Paintshop

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Hey, has anyone figured out how to add RHS/CUP textures to the paintshop?


For CUP I noticed that each vehicle with a different texture has its own classname, so how do I go about adding that in the paintshop directly instead of listing them all?


For RHS instead, the vehicles, or at least some of them, don't have the texture as a separate classname, so I went about and unpboed for example the BRT_80 and then I added this to my vehicle customs:


class rhs_btr80_base
		skins[] =
			{"rhs_btr80_msv",		150, "DES", {"rhs_btr80\data\rhs_btr80_02_co.paa"};}
			{"rhs_btr80_msv",		150, "WOO", {"rhs_btr80\data\rhs_btr80_01_co.paa"};}

But this didn't seem to work.


Any ideas?

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