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with the new and old infistar has anyone had the issue without using the take all script having like rpg's duping on the ground.

i did a test with the new infistar and disabled the take all script, just to find the take all works fine but when you place a rpg on the ground and click take all, the rpg is on your back and also still on the ground.

i tried this in the safe zone also outside the safe zone with the same issue.

so this is something that needs fixing asap so we dont need to use the take all script to stop players duping.


what are your thoughts about this guys and if you have fixed it, what did you do.


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The changes infiSTAR does to TakeAll is blocking it if a player is within x meter - not more.

That's done because there is a way to dupe pickup items if several player use take all the same time :)


just test it yourself and disable the check by doing:


    several people standing infront of the same corpse and pressing all take-all the same time, would dupe the loot.
    This fixes it.
fix_takeall_dupe = "false";


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