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I am currently looking for staff to help me start up my ArmA 3 Exile community. Positions available are listed below, contact methods to get in contact with me will be located at the bottom. All staff will be required to meet a minimum set of requirements which are located below.



  • Must be 16 years or older
  • Must have experience playing ArmA 3
  • Must have experience with the Exile Mod
  • Must have Teamspeak 3 
  • Must have a working Microphone


Staff Positions

Director of Operations - 0/1

Director of Development - 0/1

Developers - 0/3

Graphic Designers - 0/3

Server Admins - 0/2


If interested in any of the above positions please feel free to get in contact with me using one of the methods below.


Contact Methods

Skype: jstowe1

Teamspeak server IP:


Forum PM

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