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Hey there my arma 3 exile server says it has no security active on the server where as any others have security how do i change it so mine has or how do i install battleye on the server as i think thats the issue

Also battleye random kicks me and others when on the server as its playable . just nothing in the logs as to why 

-mod=@exile;@CUP_Core;@CUP_Terrain;@ryanzombies;@Extended_Base_Mod;@RHSUSAF;@CBA_A3;@HVP;@CUP Weapons;;Kart,Mark,Heli -servermod=@exileserver;@infiSTAR_servermod 

this is my setup params is there anything im missing ? 

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-mod=@exile;@CUP_Core;@CUP_Terrain;@ryanzombies;@Extended_Base_Mod;@RHSUSAF;@CBA_A3;@HVP;@CUP Weapons;


put a3_infiSTAR_Exile.pbo in ur @Exileserver\addons\ folder


verify if u have BattlEye  = 1;   in ur config.cfg file


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