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3FPS DROP - solution?


One day we had a strange problem with our server - then amount of RAM, occupied by arma3server.exe exceeds the limit near 2.8 Gb, is registered a big drop of serverside FPS - from 40-45 to 4-6 FPS. 
I have noticed that THIS server (1 of 2 on this computer) was launched 1st in the memory. The 2nd worked in higher RAM region - 5-7 Gbs approx.
And the second server is not felt at the same time any problem, giving like 40-45 FPS. So, I have remembered the famous "3FPS DROP" and PAE principals of memory ajustements. Is it possible that Arma3 not support PAE mechanism and that the problem is solved by a simple Drop 3FPS limiting the amount of RAM for your computer?
We conducted an experiment - and we found out that the use of "xttbmalloc" completely solves the problem 3FPS Drop on Intel processors up to the 2nd generation of iCore. We continue to test this solution with the latest CPUs Intel...

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Some of our players have been reporting an issue where their game performance degrades drastically over time. We've already spent months hunting the infamous '3FPS Issue'.

The process has led to various improvements and fixes, but we have not yet been able to find the full cure. Project Lead Petr Kolář asks the community for help on the forums once more: "As we are yet unable to reproduce said behavior on our internal machines, we need your help to crush this issue.

There is a Feedback Tracker ticket about this issue, we would like to ask anyone experiencing said behavior to collect their dxdiag data (simply by typing "dxdiag" in their start menu and saving the profile, removing the Machine Name and Machine ID parts) and trying to get minidumps of their memory prior and after the issue using ProcDump (thanks to the guys from Microsoft for recommending this software to us)."

We hope to have some results soon and will continue the pursuit for a solution. We once again apologize to anyone affected. Ensuring a more consistent game performance is and will remain our priority.



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