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I just had my dedicated box reinstalled and now I can't get my server to start. This is the error:

 9:20:12 "ExileServer - Loading families from database..."
 9:20:12 Error in expression <"extDB2" callExtension _query);
switch (_result select 0) do
case 0:
 9:20:12   Error position: <_result select 0) do
case 0:
 9:20:12   Error Undefined variable in expression: _result
 9:20:12 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_selectFull.sqf, line 16

The errors just repeat themselves over and over. I've got the correct database info in the config. No logs are being generated in the extdb2 folder. I get the same error with a fresh database. These are the same game files I used on my box prior to the reinstall.

The searches I've done indicated that this was either a problem with the database (which it doesn't appear to me) or possibly a problem with the .net files. Can someone tell me which .net files you've installed on your dedicated box so I can compare it with what I have installed.

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