Server stop workin when system start sending messages to phones.

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I would like to talk about this topic and maybe any ideas, wich could lead to a fix.

After some "investigations" and talking to quite a few serverowner who also expierenced this problem, that's  what i could gather on informations so far:


If a player interact with a base (steal flag, raid base or system sends payment reminder) the server get kinda stuck, players can still move around but won't able to see others move around (actually, cuz they don't anymore).

You'r also not able to interact with any object - you won't be kicked from the server tho, even after 8hours. The server doesn't execute any scripts anymore, so it'll stay online for hours if not rebooted by manually.

When you try to connect from outside, while the server is stucked, you'r stucked on "connecting" screen - when a player trying to connect to the server, rpt throws following error for each failed connect:

NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(969695821): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled


Sometimes the server is running 1 week without any issue, even tho ppl raid bases, steal flags.

Sometimes the problem occurs every day at almost the same time range, on our server for example around 7-8am.

Sometimes the server get sucked into that "loop" several times a day.


All ppl that i had talked so far, where running their own dedicated maschine - never heard so far that this problem happend on a hosted one. Removing the XM8.dll and the XM8 key file resolved the problem for all owners, so it has to be related to that in some way, since it happens right after a message is being prepared/send to the phone.

So far we tried to find any similarities on our maschines (beside from the basics) wich could lead into any trouble/interactiong with xm8 interface but couldn't find anything wich looked fishy too us.


Feel free to ask any informations we/i could provide  - i'm aware this is a server problem and should be discussed in the problems & bugs section but since that topic drops down on page 2-3 after one day, i thought we give it a try here, since it also belongs (imo) also in this section. If mods don't feel so, would you be please so kind and just merge this posting with the existing thread, thanks in advance.


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