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Server not updating database


I suddenly have an issue where the last 30 minutes of gameplay before a restart are lost.  Players will log in and their vehicles will be wherever they happened to be 30 min prior to restart.  Mods that I've installed that modified the database are Virtual Garage (XM8) and AVS (Advanced Vehicle System).  I don't know if either of those could be an issue.


I talked to QGS who hosts my shared server and the support guy said it sounds like the db save period is set wrong but that he doesn't know where to set it.  He's looking into it.  Between that and my players getting glued to spawned vehicles (that's another topic ), my server has been a ghost town.


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Occupation + DMS installed? I and some other serverowners had exactly the same problems when using occupation. withput occupation, everything works fine... tested several times :-/

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